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Agate is a protective stone. It can help you with grief and provides security and harmony in periods of unrest and tension. Furthermore, agate promotes your inner growth and the (further) development of your spirituality

Amazonite brings balance and protects against negative energy. This gemstone also has a calming effect and brings peace, for example, to sadness, fear and anxiety.

Amethyst is protective and purifying and stimulates self-insight and trust based on your intuition. Amethyst can help with insomnia and can provide relief from headache and tired eyes.

Ametrine originates from a combination of Citrine and Amethyst and has characteristics of both gemstones. In this way, Ametrine increases your self-confidence and brings your ratio (thinking) and emotions (feeling) into balance. Ametrine reduces negative thoughts and fears, and stimulates to have a positive mindset. Ametrine has a relaxing effect, and reduces tension and stress. This gemstone can perfectly be used for complaints related to headache, migraine and burnout.

Aquamarine has a calming effect and reduces stress. It provides support to people who have a lot of responsibility and encourages people to take responsibility for themselves. Aquamarine calms the mind in moments of confusion and stimulates self-expression and communication. Aquamarine is a very suitable stone for people who are (over) sensitive to external stimuli.

Aventurine has a calming and protective effect. This stone attracts prosperity and happiness, stimulates your decisiveness and creativity. While the green Aventurine mainly focuses on bringing peace and balance, the red version of Aventurine has a vitalizing and activating effect.

Carnelian is a stimulating stone that supports when in doubt and gives you extra confidence. This stone also provides a boost for your passion and creativity.

Citrine teaches you to appreciate what you have, increases your self-esteem and confidence in yourself.

Clear Quartz is a detoxifying stone and converts negative energy into positive energy. With this clear quartz brings balance to body and mind. Clear quartz increases your consciousness, lets you think clearly and brings harmony.

Garnet gives new, positive energy and strength, and provides cleaning. This gemstone is the stone of commitment, a stone that inspires love and dedication, but also courage and hope in more challenging situaties in life.

Hematite is a grounding and protective gemstone and gives balance between your body and your mind. Hematite gives self-respect, it strengthens your willpower and self-confidence. It is a very useful stone that helps with addictions and compulsions. Hematite is strongly linked to the bloodstream and would provide support in, for example, anemia.

Jade is the stone of purity and serenity. In Asia, this gemstone stands for wisdom that is collected at rest. Many Asian people often wear jewelry with jade incorporated, or completely made out of jade. It protects, dispels negative feelings and soothes the mind and thinking.

Jasper (dalmatian) gives you balance and protects you against negative energy. Jasper dalmatian also helps to get an overview and clarity in your head.

Jasper (red) is a strong protective and grounding stone. It strengthens a good connection with the (Mother) earth and gives stability and life force in a unstable and uncertain times. In addition, Jasper encourages your creativity and increases your productivity.

Labradorite is a strong protective stone. Labradorite strengthens your self-confidence and perseverance and stimulates your creativity and helps you develop ideas.

Lapis Lazuli stimulates (spiritual) wisdom and your inner peace and acceptance. This stone helps you to find your inner truth, supports you in finding and walking your own path and stay true to yourself.

Malachite supports the flow of energy and brings balance. In addition, malachite can be used effectively to protect you against radiation, for example from the computer.

Moonstone has a strong connection with the female energy. Moonstone promotes your intuition and fertility and is therefore a good stone for women who want to become pregnant or are pregnant.

Moss agate refreshes the soul and gives peace. It improves self-esteem and strengthens your positive side of your character and supports increasing your personal space and stimulates growth.

Obsidian (black) is solidified lava which has cooled down very quickly, so it has not had the chance to crystallize. Obsidian is a relatively powerful stone and can protect you against negatif energy. This stone promotes growth at all levels, stimulates the exploration of the unknown and opens new avenues.

Onyx is a beautiful vitalizing and energetic stone. For example, onyx can support to convert negative energy and ways of thinking into a more positive mindset. Furthermore, onyx stimulates your perseverance and guarding your limits so as not to lose sight of your goals.

Opal (pink) is a protective stone and teaches you how to act and live life based on karma, you will get what you give. Opal is often associated with love, passion and desire and stimulates lightheartedness and spontaneity.

Rose Quartz is the stone of the heart and love. It ensures that you may and can receive love, as well was you may and can give love. Rose quartz also stimulates the love for yourself, self acceptance.

Smokey Quartz has a strong protective, grounding and detoxifying effect. It is the perfect stone used for tensions and stress. Smokey Quartz supports relaxation, release and acceptance. The stone provides spiritual strength, stimulates a positive view of things, and promotes concentration.

Snow Quartz helps to go back to your (inner) self and is therefore a perfect stone for people who take on (too) many responsibilities (of others) and are very focused on others.

Sodalite stimulates self-acceptance and confidence in yourself. This gemstone supports you in gaining insights into yourself and helps you to express your thoughts and feelings.

Tanzanite supports to be yourself and to free yourself from the influences of others. It encourages you to find and follow your own path and no longer to adapt to the wishes (expectations) of others.

​Tiger Eye is the rock of balance. It provides peace in case of overvoltage and extra energy in a period of exhaustion. It also brings your emotions into balance, the gemstone is very grounding. This makes Tiger Eye perfect for your health and well-being.

Tourmaline Quartz is very grounding and protective and is therefore very suitable for protecting yourself against all kinds of negative energy. Tourmaline quartz helps you to be in your strength and thereby stimulates growth.



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