Rainbow Roller Bottle (5ml) with Matte Golden Cap - Light Blue/Teal

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Create your favourite oil blends with these roller bottles. Choose your favourite color, or match the roller bottle to one of the chakras.

The bright blue colour can be linked to the fifth chakra. Chakra 5, the throat chakra, is linked to vibration and stands for communicationThe courage to speak the truth, to be able to express yourself, but also to be able to listen. It is about expression in all possible forms. By being able to express yourself, the body is cleansed. The same applies the other way around: by not saying things and literally swallowing them, holding them in, the emotion stays within the body and becomes stuck, which can ultimately lead to (physical) complaints and tension.


  • A rainbow roller bottle (5ml) with a matte golden cap.
  • Stainless steel metal roller top.
  • Carrier oil and essential oils are not included. 
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