Glass Roller Bottles (10ml) with Brushed Rainbow Caps - Set of 7

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Create your favourite oil blends with these roller bottles. Choose your favourite colour, or match the roller bottle to one of the chakras.

Red - Chakra 1, the root chakra, is linked to the Earth and stands for survival and safety. Grounding is needed as the basic building block of life. When the basic needs are met, such as healthy food, the work place and social place in society, it gives a feeling of safety, peace and stability. By having good contact with the earth, you feel confident.

Orange - Chakra 2, the sacral chakra, is linked to Water and stands for sexuality and creativityWhen water flows, it is flexible and dynamic. That's how it works with emotions; moving along with the flow of life, gives spontaneity, makes the body flexible and provides space for sexuality and creativity. This chakra is about enjoying and inspiring others to enjoy.

Yellow - Chakra 3, the solar plexus chakra, is linked to Fire and stands for willpower. To be able and dare to act, to take risks and to show leadership, fire is needed. Incineration provides energy and makes people happy, and also clears your path from obstacles.

Green - Chakra 4, the heart chakra, is linked to Air and stands for loveTo be able to give and receive love and respect for yourself and have compassion for others. With this chakra, air stands for connection and balance. You breathe in and breathe out. With a deep relaxation there is a deep sigh, with which tension is released and there is a connection with the moment. It stands for balance, and also security and trust.

Light Blue - Chakra 5, the throat chakra, is linked to vibration and stands for communicationThe courage to speak the truth, to be able to express yourself, but also to be able to listen. It is about expression in all possible forms. By being able to express yourself, the body is cleansed. The same applies the other way around: by not saying things and literally swallowing them, holding them in, the emotion stays within the body and becomes stuck, which can ultimately lead to (physical) complaints and tension.

Dark Blue - Chakra 6, the third eye, is linked to Light and stands for intuition, developing a vision and coming up with new concepts. Light literally gives the opportunity to see, and with it the ability to follow your intuition, dare to walk and discover an unknown path.

Purple - Chakra 7, the crown chakra stands for cognition and unity, knowing through thinking, reflection, making connections and becoming aware that you can subsequently connect with the whole.


  • Set contains seven clear glass roller bottles (10ml) with brushed steel caps. 
  • Stainless steel roller tops.
  • Carrier oil and essential oils are not included. 


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